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“We Paint While You Play”

biosbtWe offer multiple paint, drywall and carpentry crews to serve you better!  

We know that our livelihood depends on whether we make our customers lives easier on a consistent basis, so we do just that.

Rating ★★★★★ 5.0 Reviewer James B. Reviewer Location Wolcott, CT Their Review:  “Steve is a great guy. Does what he promises. I had a ceiling that required repair and painting. His worker Dave did a great job. I’ll be hiring them to do some more painting work. If you live in the greater Waterbury area and need painting or drywall work this is the guy you want to call.”

We promote our residential crews on Connecticut-Painter.com, our commercial and industrial crews on CTCoatings.com and Carpentry on Connecticut-Carpenters.com

Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings, is a division of BIOS Building Technologies LLC. a fully licensed, insured for liability  & worker’s compensation and we are an EPA Lead – Safe Certified Connecticut renovation company.

Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings combines old world values with space age technology. Schappert still has  a passion for energy efficiency and he has combined his knowledge and skill as a painter with space technology  to create a stable company that can help people maximize the value of their property while implementing cost effective improvements that will make the country more energy efficient. The company is currently an army of one, that means when you call the owner answers the phone and performs the painting. Plans for growth revolve around building a stable employment opportunity for neat & courteous craftsman that believe in honesty, integrity and delivering world class customer service.  The company plans to hire painters through out Connecticut.


Helping the environment starts with everyone focusing on their individual carbon footprint. Being energy conscious is a smart decision, which is why Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings has introduced its Energy Saving coatings system.

Using Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings products are a great way to start becoming more environmentally responsible. By using Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings Energy Saving Paint System, homeowners can reduce their energy output by as much as 20 percent. This innovative Paint System reflects heat in order to save energy and acts as a radiant barrier.

During the colder months of the year, the Paint System reflects the heat generated by homes to keep it inside. During the hot months, exterior heat, primarily solar heat, is reflected away from the house so that the inside of a home stays cool. By applying Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings Energy Saving Paint System to the interior and exterior walls, ceilings, and roof of your home, it decreases the use of energy, therefore lowering your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

Homebuilders are currently constructing homes to meet energy requirements set in place by the U.S. Government. New homes are now 30 percent more energy efficient than older homes, according to the Department of Energy. With the addition of Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings Energy Saving Paint System, your home could be 50 percent more energy efficient than older homes.

Taking the time to paint or coat your home with Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings products is a big step toward making your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.




Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings, is a division of BIOS Building Technologies LLC. a fully licensed and EPA Lead – Safe Certified Connecticut renovation company.

The maintenance industry stays busy regardless of the economy, painting is always in demand and the wave of the future is energy efficiency.  Schappert hopes combining the two will be a recipe for success.

Schappert said, “The world wants to go green but doesn’t want to pay more for it, so the company will focus on providing a superior customer experience providing basic maintenance services and then educate their customers about cost effective energy saving weatherization services.”


Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings is a proud member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) is the only trade association dedicated to the success of painting and decorating contractors. PDCA offers members many opportunities to become the best painters in the industry through participation in education programs, attendance at local networking meetings, use of PDCA Industry Standards and much, much more. Nearly 2,000 painting and decorating contractors in the United States and Canada are proud members of this organization. Explore the PDCA website to learn more about why PDCA Painters Are Better.

Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coating is located at 147 Elm Street Thomaston, CT 06787

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