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Dog-Team-Heading-OutAre You A Team Player?

We are creating a stable company that will provide a steady income, health insurance and retirement.  I am now at the team building stage so I am looking to join with others that want to build a better life for themselves and their families.

Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings uses two websites to promote painting and coating services in Connecticut. promotes specialty & industrial coatings while promotes all things paint.

REAL ESTATE & CONTRACTING:  BIOS Building Technologies LLC is developing a sustainable contracting company and a global real estate sales force to promote us.  Realty Trust Corp has an appraisal company and a commercial real estate brokerage and is opening two residential brokerages, one for sellers and one for buyers.

EMPLOYEE OWNED COMPANY:  We will all be in this together.  There will be many plans for growth that involve new divisions and new locations.  Everybody in the company will have a vested interest and will benefit from our growth and unity. We are structuring an employee owned company offering (ESOP) Employee Stock Ownership Plan, benefits and retirement plan. we are looking for carpenters, painters, weatherization and home technology professionals interested in building a career. Do you know anyone that believes in themselves and their abilities?

PENSION FUND:  The company will begin building a real estate portfolio in 2015 that will serve as our pension fund.  Our properties will also serve as filler work and extra working capital to add stability to the organization.  In 2017 we plan to create our own Real Estate Investment Trust.

NO HYPE: The company is a licensed home improvement company in Connecticut. The backbone of the company is painting, because it is consistent work regardless of the economy.

OUR FOCUS: Cost effective improvements that maximize value with minimal expense. We will teach our customers how to  increase equity, curb appeal and salability. Creating profitable plans for our clients that integrate simple maintenance and cutting edge green technology.

OUR MARKET: Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Municipal. Starting in Connecticut and growing beyond. By growing a stable organization we will garner the attention of larger companies and municipalities that don’t often call the little guy.  Larger contracts and contacts means more stable workflow year round and paychecks that are weather proof.

OUR GOAL: Create a dominant, stable painting business that serves Connecticut. Create duplicatable operations systems that allow us to provide consistent employment and world class customer service. Open 5 warehouse locations in the counties of Fairfield, Litchfield, Hartford, New Haven & New London.

REFERRAL FEES: Our employees can earn 5-10% commissions on the jobs we book because of them. All employees get business cards, just hand them out and you could earn hundreds or thousands  a week above and beyond your regular paycheck.  You will be assigned to your job to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are looking for INDIVIDUALS that want to learn a trade that will survive economic ups and downs.

We are looking for individuals that want to help create a future together.

We are building a team that will grow together and make a brighter future for ourselves and our loved ones.  We will need leaders to help grow the business.

There is no previous experience or college degree required, just  a burning desire to better your life and the ability to see that being more easily accomplished with a team of like minded individuals.

We are developing a stable work environment with health insurance and retirement.  Are you ready to take the next step?  Contact us right now!

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Within Connecticut there is a lot of variation in Painter II Salaries. These variations depend on on a wide range of factors from population to general competitiveness in the market. Follow this link to find a map displaying a few key cities in Connecticut and surrounding states  via

Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coating is located at 147 Elm Street Thomaston, CT 06787

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