Things you should know before you hire a Connecticut painter.

In today’s day and age, life has gotten pretty busy and with the hectic schedules that we tend to drown in, doing a paint job all by yourself on your precious day off is probably the last thing on your mind and therefore, calling for a Connecticut painter to help you get the job done is very important, not to mention time saving and the fact that the final result will be a lot more professional looking. However, just because you have decided to get a painter do the walls for your home does not mean you can rush into things. There are several things that you need to consider before you sign the dotted lines. Given below are some of the most important things that you need to consider before you sign up with a professional Connecticut painter.

  1. Select the shade of paint you wish to apply:

Before you get in touch with a painter, at least have a rough idea of the kind of colour you would like to apply on the walls from a spectrum of the available colours at your disposal. This will speed up the consequent painting process in the long run. The basic of rule of thumb that you need to take into consideration is the simple fact that a darker shade of the paint will make a space look a lot smaller. Therefore, a darker shade would essentially work for a space that is larger than you would like. On the contrary, if you want to give an illusion of a spacious room, then opting for lighter colours will be a far better option. At best, you can get a cheap, small can of paint and apply a swatch to test if it works in different lighting and then make the decision.
Do you know how to hire a contractor? Mark Clement of My Fix It Up Life, has the tips you need to build a long-term relationship with a contractor. The first things you should make sure a contractor has: license, insurance & references.

  1. Take into consideration the finish of the paint:

While a Connecticut painter will give your walls a professional look, the ultimate feel of the paint largely depends on the finish that you choose for it. It is important to consider the location where your home is situated. If you stay in an area that is close to highways that are used by heavy duty vehicles that emit an immense amount of dust and fumes you will want to select a finish that can help you clean the surface of the paint quite easily. For this purpose, paints with glossy finish works best.


  1. Ask your Connecticut painter all the minute details:

Before you begin with the paint work, it is important to ask your painter about all the details so that the work goes on as planned. This involves asking them about the timeframe that will be needed and the number of hours they would be investing in the said project. It is also a safe bet to ask about warranty and what steps will be taken in case the paint begins to chip off.

Getting these aforementioned aspects covered will ensure a successful paint job with least disruption to your life.

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