Alexander J. DuBack

15 Fawn Drive Wood River Jct., Rhode Island 02894   


OBJECTIVE            To have a substantial career, be an integral part of a dynamic team, share my desire to succeed, and contribute to overall company growth and prosperity




Good work ethic

Relates well to customers; treat people with dignity and respect

Ability to communicate efficiently

Team player

Welcomes responsibility and a fast paced environment

Not intimidated by hard work, complex projects and/or ambitious goals or deadlines

Willing to help create new and efficient ways of working




OSHA certified

Construction Safety and Health

# 36-003606331

Course date- March 9th, 2011


Westerly High School                                               1992-1996


Area of Study:

College Prep. Classes, General Studies, Work Release Program





Dennis Moffit Painting LLC.                                    July 2010- Present

1428 Kingstown Rd, Wakefield, RI                                     Phone (401) 789-2181

Lead Painter


Primary Work:

Prep and Finish Work, Customer relations                 



Hanging Wallpaper, Commercial and Residential Spraying, Prep work, Brush work, Rolling, Power washing exteriors, trim work, Foux Finishes, sash work, cutting in, 2 park epoxy



Krazy Custumz                                               April 1999- Present

15 Fawn Drive Wood River Jct. R.I.                                   Phone (401) 935-7331

Painter, Bodywork Technician, Mechanic


Primary Work:

Custom Body Work, Custom Painting, Custom Airbrushing, Created Custom Graphics for Customers, Fiberglass Specialist, Major and minor mechanical/engine repairs, Minor wiring, General Matenaince and automotive care


HVLP Spray gun, welder, body hammer, alignment tools, working with fiberglass, Custom stereo installs, custom Fabrications, Custom Interiors (seats, dashes, trunks, etc.)


Cars featured in HOTCARS of Connecticut, SUPERSTREET, and SEMA MAGAZINE  


Custom work photos and referrals available upon request



Martone Painting                                            February 2008- July 2010

22 Sextant Lane, North Kingstown, RI                               Phone (401) 792-3847



Primary Work:

Time management of co-workers, delegating jobs and tasks, reporting to supervisors, Customer Relations



Hanging wallpaper, spraying commercial and Residential, Prep work, Brush work, Rolling, Power washing exteriors, trim work, cutting in, sash work, 2-part epoxy, and foux finishes




Best Buy of Warwick                                      September 1999- December 2000 1401 Bald Hill Rd. Warwick, RI                                    Phone (401) 826-7007

Mobile Installer


Primary Work:

Installation of car stereo systems, alarms, and remote starters



Dismantling and reassembling of automotive interiors (car doors, dashboards, trunks), Wiring of stereo equipment and car starters and alarms, and Electrical Troubleshooting, Answering customer questions and/or concerns about installs



Ray and Son Painting                                    March 1994- January 2008

15 Fawn Drive Wood River Jct., R.I.                             Phone (401) 364-5295

Co-Owner of business


Primary Work:

Set-up appointments with prospective customers, drawing up estimates for prospective customers, Scheduling jobs, Negotiate pricing of all new jobs, Maintain relationships with sales representatives and vendors for painting products, Maintaining relationships with customers for repeat business, Oversee daily operations of the business and employees



All prep work done on the job (sanding, stripping, patching, taping, sheetrock, cleaning), Wallpapering, painting, rag roll, sponging, popcorn, staining , Exterior painting and staining as well as any repairs to the outside of the home (i.e. shingles, gutters, eves)


References Available upon request

Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coating is located at 147 Elm Street Thomaston, CT 06787

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