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Painting Commercial Aluminum Windows & Doors. Spraying Metal Windows. 

How to paint metal windows and doors. Painting aluminum windows and doors is explained here. The proper was to paint metal doors and windows using DTM industrial enamal and bonding primer. The prep process of painting metal doors so they will last a long time and will not scratch very easy. Handyman and home improvement painting tips for the DIY painters.

How To Strip Paint From A Commercial Building – McCahill Painting Company 

McCahill Painting Company is in the beginning phase of stripping an entire commercial precast building. The issue with this building is that the previous painting contractor did not clean the precast prior to painting it. The most important part of a painting project is the preparation. Even if it new construction, it must be pressure washed to remove dirt, dust, etc… If this is not done, the paint cannot properly adhere to the surface causing an eventual failure.

Commercial Building Cleaning – McCahill Painting Company 

In this video, McCahill Painting Company thoroughly pressure washes the entire precast concrete building prior to applying the prime coat. This is extremely important because you must remove all dirt, dust and other construction contaminants that would interfere with proper paint adhesion. All of our equipment is state of the art which allows for a superior job than any of of competitors. The pressure washer is a 3000 psi, 500 gallon tow behind unit capable of cleaning with 250 degree hot water, which is a far superior system to a cold water pressure wash.

How To Paint A Commercial Building – McCahill Painting Company – Connecticut

In this video, McCahill Painting Company employees are applying the prime coat to a brand new commercial property in Lake Zurich, IL for Flex Construction. If you listen to the audio on the video, McCahill Painting Company’s President goes through a step by step process on how to accomplish a successful commercial painting project.

Interior commercial painting with airless sprayer – Connecticut

Interior airless spray painting by Toronto painting contractor Painter for Hire, – This commercial office room is inside of a factory. Here we have metal corrugated ceiling with steel truss. The corrugated metal wall was also sprayed. Ecopainitng overseen this project and painted the walls and floor.