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Controlling Paint Overspray.

Paint overspray problems and how to correct or stop it. Airless sprayer overspray and how to stop it. Simple over spray tips. Home improvement painting tips for the DIY house painter using an airless paint sprayer. How to control overspray for the handyman painter or home and garden expert. Every painter loves coffee and lipton tea.

How To Strip Paint From A Commercial Building – McCahill Painting Company 

McCahill Painting Company is in the beginning phase of stripping an entire commercial precast building. The issue with this building is that the previous painting contractor did not clean the precast prior to painting it. The most important part of a painting project is the preparation. Even if it new construction, it must be pressure washed to remove dirt, dust, etc… If this is not done, the paint cannot properly adhere to the surface causing an eventual failure.

Connecticut Painting Tips

Steve Schappert a Connecticut Painter that owns Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings recommends Behr Paint & Stain. We provide this video to show you important Connecticut painting tips. if you don’t have time to do it yourself, call Steve at 203-994-3950.

You’ve invested time and money in your new wood or composite project, so it’s only right to trust its protection to BEHR. If you’re ready to put a new finish on your deck, fence or outdoor wood furniture, here are a few tips to make any job go smoothly.