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Join the Connecticut Painter Network
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Information Is Power: Connecticut Painter is creating an online database of painters in Connecticut for BIOS Building Technologies LLC. and our sub contractors.

We are creating a new company with one goal: Stable Employment & Retirement Opportunities.  This requires a team, trust and dedication.  Are you ready to join a team of like minded folks that have complimentary skills that can help you grow professionally and monetarily?

Opportunity: We are creating an employee owned company to provide success and stability.   We will grow by utilizing employees and subcontractors, this combination allows for controlled growth.  Sub contractors will have the opportunity to become employees and move up the corporate ladder or stay independent.

Strength In Numbers:  We will be adding hundreds of painters to our database and website in the coming months.  Don’t miss this opportunity to join the team on the ground floor! Fill out the form below and a web page will be created for you.  You will be listed on our site.


  • Free web page to promote your skills
  • When our phone rings for work in your area, your phone rings.
  • You can use the page and assigned email to promote the company and earn a 5-10% commission.  5% for the lead, 10% if you estimate & sell it.
  • A press release with your picture will be sent to the local and state media .
  • Google likes depth of content  which is why we are creating town pages for every town in the state.
  •  Listing painters with their home town will increase our searchability.
  • Municipalities and developers like to see depth of staff, it makes them comfortable that we will be able to handle the job.

Learn more about Team   Employment  Growth Plan

How to maximize your opportunities with this form:  1. Take your time, add as much detail as possible, every skill, every notable client.  2. Make yourself shine, this information will be sent to the media.  3. Grammar and spelling count, take the time to create your profile as a word doc, check it twice. 4. Email a personable picture (head shot) this will also be sent to the print media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. 5.  If you are a sub contractor please DO NOT mention your company name here.  This is where the team shines!  We look forward to working with you to better our lives.

** Email a Picture for the site (Required)

Send a head shot that you would be proud of to


Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coating is located at 147 Elm Street Thomaston, CT 06787

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