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We help you protect your investment, and realize the dream of owning a beautiful home you would be proud to show off to your friends and family.

Not all painters are created equal, you need an honest, affordable, quality minded painter for your Middletown, CT home or business.

Do you own a home or business in Middletown, CT? Are you looking for an experienced, professional Middletown Painter?

Steve Schappert has painted over 1000 homes.
Steve is a top rated contractor on Home Advisor.

Call Steve Schappert at 203-994-3950 to Schedule a Free Consultation & Detailed Estimate

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Call Steve Schappert at 203-994-3950 to Schedule a Free Consultation & Detailed Estimate

English: City of Middletown, Connecticut as se...
English: City of Middletown, Connecticut as seen from River Road, looking west/northwest along the major bend in the Connecticut River, showing Harbor Park and buildings along Main Street and downtown. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coating’s main office & showroom is located in Thomaston, CT and we have done extensive residential and commercial painting services in Connecticut, New York & Connecticut. Our painting services in Middletown, CT include: power washing, interior painting and exterior restoration and painting services. Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings also offers stucco, drywall, wood and cabinet re-finishing and much more.

As a new painting contractor in Middletown, CT we know we will have to work hard for your business and offer fast professional service. You can have the confidence that any painting service that we provide will be performed by Steve Schappert with the utmost professionalism and surpass industry standards. As the new painting company in Middletown, we will provide a straightforward quote before we begin any work.

As a licensed Middletown Painter, Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings has completed over 800 interior and exterior painting projects and we will strive to earn your praise in Middletown, CT. Steve Schappert has completed the painting restoration of many homes in disrepair and made them look new. We have worked alongside many homeowners and assisted them with both the right approach and solution to their homes. Steve Schappert also has assisted with professional painting color consultations throughout Connecticut.

Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings takes great pride in their work and strives to be one of the most competitive painting contractors here in Middletown, CT. We are far more professional and detailed in the prep work, which is the foundation to any quality Middletown painting service, than most other painting contractors around Middletown, CT. All of our Middletown painting services are guaranteed and always strive for the highest in customer satisfaction as a top-rated Middletown Painter.

Call Steve Schappert at 203-994-3950 to Schedule a Free Consultation & Detailed Estimate

Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings only uses 100% acrylic paint on all interior & exterior painting services around Middletown, Connecticut. This will give your home or business the longevity and have the best color retention it deserves. We know that finding a high quality Middletown Painter can be difficult with so many painting companies around Middletown to choose from. The knowledge and experience that Steve Schappert brings to the table as an Middletown Painter is very extensive.

We continually have special offers every month for those looking for a high quality, competitive pricing Middletown Painter. Check out the latest specials we are offering today. When it comes to a Middletown Painter that you choose, it should not be all about the price.

The quality of the Middletown Painter you hire should be considered at the same level as price. If the quality of the Middletown Painting service is not top notch, you will end up spending more money down the road on repairs having to hire another Middletown Painter and be inconvenienced. Let Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings be your trusted Middletown Painter and receive high quality work that is backed by our guarantee.

Contact Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings, your local Middletown Painter today for a free estimate convenient to your busy schedule. We look forward to serving your needs as your next Middletown Painter. 

We are hiring experienced painters and apprentices in Middletown Connecticut, if you know of anyone that might be interested in a stable career path have them call us.  203-994-3950

Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coating is located at 147 Elm Street Thomaston, CT 06787

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