Peter T Doyle is a painter in Charlestown Rhode Island

Skills: Paperhanger (wallpaper), 1981 graduate US School of Professional
Paperhanging, Rutland VT. Quality conscious finish painter focusing mainly on
interior work. Proper procedure, preparation , coatings selection and finish work.
Provide customers with 1 year warranty on work. 95% of work comes from referrals.
Waiting for wallpapering to pick up again, if ever, and willing to train others in
the trade, if the situation is right.

Address: 43 Ram Island Rd  Charlestown Rhode Island

Personal Info (Family, Hobbies, Etc): Married with 2 step children,live in
Charlestown RI. Formerly resided in Wethersfield CT, and still have ties there,
family , friends, business associates. Enjoy kayaking, golf, and various forms of
exercise. Consider myself a people person and enjoy meeting new people.

Experience: Been in the painting industry most of my life, with a brief time in the
printing industry. Began painting houses while in college (1975), moved to insde
work later (1980), and in the winter of 1981 enrolled at USSPP. Worked full time
from 1981-present as a self employed contractor for many companies as a sub mostly,
but was a foreman for a short time in a Hartford area company. My main focus was
wallpapering for over 25 years but the work has pretty much dried up, so stick with
interior painting and a small amount of outdoor work due to working primarily alone.

Certificates: CT HIC License #0621854, RI Reg. #38151

Notable Jobs/Customers: Manchester Country Club, Manchester CT. Wallpapering of
foyer, banquet rooms. Vinyl installation at Offices of Imagineers (property management company) Hartford CT

Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coating is located at 147 Elm Street Thomaston, CT 06787

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