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How to Paint the Exterior of your Connecticut Home

You will run out of time once the exterior of your Connecticut home desperately requires to be painted. You can decide to contact a painting company to perform the job, or do it yourself.

You have to know that painting the exterior of your home is not a simple task to do. The usual time frame for painting the outside of a home is basically around sixty to seventy hours. However, you can complete the task if somebody is helping you with the job.  It’s good to have friends!  The real friends will show when you are painting your home : )

You will want to ensure that you have the right materials to paint the exterior of home with. Some of the materials you need to have include:

Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings is your Connecticut Painter and we recommend Behr Marquee for Connecticut residential work. Marquee is the most goof proof paint we have come across, most importantly in Connecticut with our varying weather is the fact that you can paint one hour before it rains.

Steps on how to paint home exterior

  1. Every home repair task begins with preparation. You have to start by scraping off the current layer of paint on your house. Nobody wishes to have old checkered paint under a new coat of paint. Use an industrial paint scraper to remove all the paint chips so that you can make sure you have a smooth finish when you apply the fresh new coat.
  2. After scraping the old paint, apply the base coat that will serve as a primer for the top coat of paint. Normally people use a lighter base coat for the primer to ensure the top coats have sufficient coverage on their homes exterior. in other words if your primer is black and your top coat is black, the finished surface may look good, but may not have the proper build of top coat and will fail prematurely. A white base coat is perfect to go under any shade of paint you are planning to use.
  3. After applying the base coat to the whole section, you need to get your caulk gun and begin applying a white or clear caulk to any imperfections or cracks which you might run across on your house. Make sure to caulk around all door jams and window sills. This will get rid of all warm breezes, in the summer and cold drafts in the winter from coming into the house. The caulk is utilized as a weatherstrip in this application.
  4. After the completion of caulking the whole house, now you can start painting. Keep in mind that when painting always begin at the top and work your way down. Determine how high your peek is and make sure you have a ladder tall enough. residential single family homes are usually 9-10′ high per floor, cape cods make require you pulling the old geometry book out.
  5. Ensure that you have a paint bucket nearby when painting in order to avoid climbing up and down the ladder consistently as it will waste your time. Use a paint hook to keep the bucket attached to your ladder for safety and ease of application.

Painting the exterior of your home is simpler if you know where and how to start. However, if you want the best results, you can hire experts to the job for you.

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