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Connecticut Painter Opens Real Estate Brokerage for Connecticut Buyer’s Agent (s)

Steve Schappert is a Connecticut painter & home improvement contractor that has now opened a real estate brokerage.

Schappert is now interviewing CT Buyer’s Agents & real estate investment specialists that understand the benefits of being “THE RECOGNIZED EXPERT” in your community. Call Steve Schappert 203-994-3950

We Will Only Hire 1 Agent or Team For Each Town or Market Area. 

Secure your Town Today!

Be “The” Buyer Broker or Buyer Agent

CT buyer agentsWe Believe: The world is more competitive than ever and the idea of conducting business as usual is a sure sign of failure.  Whatever business you are in you need to find Your unique selling proposition.  What is it that you do, that nobody else does?  Focus on that, do it every day and refine your craft.  Becoming an Exclusive Buyer Agent or an Exclusive Buyer Broker will allow you to stand above the crowd, differentiating yourself as an agent that truly puts their client first and believes in doing the very  best.

Legendary Real Estate Trainer Says Take A Stand, & Pick A Side

Mike Ferry released a report in August of 2014 suggesting agents pick one side of the transaction.  “I believe the skill set of an agent who works with buyers is completely different than the skill set of an agent who works on listings. Yes, they both have fundamental skills that all salespeople need … the ability to manage your time, the ability to follow up on leads, the ability to prequalify, the ability to present, etc.”

Ferry went on to state:

“… The skill set of a listing agent and buyer’s agent are different from that point forward, meaning the ability to present in a fashion that causes a buyer or seller to sign a contract. … I (have thought) for years that when an agent gets their license they should have to actually declare, ‘I want to work with buyers’ or ‘I want to work with sellers.’ The majority of agents do not have the total package of skill sets to do both and, in most cases, aren’t willing to learn them because they are so vast and … if they chose one and learned it well and practiced it … they could, then, possibly in the future learn the other one.”

“Sadly, the majority of agents lack the skills to do either job well. Every year hundreds of thousands of licensees fail to close a single deal. In some areas up to 80 percent of new agents fail to renew their license on their first renewal date. In fact, as early as 2001 the National Association of Realtors was reporting that 7 percent of the agents were conducting 93 percent of the business. Even today, the best estimates indicate that 10 percent of the agents are still conducting about 90 percent of the business.” –Bernice Ross, CEO of RealEstateCoach.com, is a national speaker, author and trainer with over 1,000 published articles and two best-selling real estate books.

Call Steve Schappert, The Buyer Broker Right Now For An Interview 203-994-3950

Only The Best Educated Buyer’s Agents :

The company pays  for 90 hours of continuing education for our agents and associate brokers every year because we want the best educated agents representing our clients. Our agents and brokers are required to take 36 hours of continuing education every two years, that is 3 times the state requirements for Realtors.

3 Things That Will Ensure Your Success As A Connecticut Buyer’s Agent:

  1. Commitment to world class client service
  2. Dedication to learning everything you can about the investment side of real estate.
  3. Working for a Brokerage that is committed to making you the premiere buyer’s agent in your market area.

National Brokerage Loses Dual Agency Case in California Supreme Court

Life is simpler and more profitable when you don’t have to worry about court dates wouldn’t you agree?  After the supreme court decision was made, a California law firm had this to say. “This decision could affect the future of big brokerage real estate transactions. Now a real estate transaction in which a big brokerage company represents both sides is ripe with possibility for conflict. Agents in a dual-agent transaction can no longer only consider their client’s interest when selling a house; they must also consider the interests of both the buyer and seller. As a result, big brokerage companies will need to be more cautious before they enter into a dual agent relationship for a particular transaction. Only time will tell, but this could lead to a limitation in sales involving big brokerage firms and/or restructuring of big brokerage houses into smaller firms.” – WSHB LLP.  Buyers Trust Real Estate LLC & Sellers Trust Real Estate LLC are now global leaders of this concept, and you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

Time To Make A Decision,  Hide in the Shadows of  Your Competition or Stand Up and Stand Out in The Marketplace.

Steve Schappert took a stand and he was interviewed by Kiplingers Financial, Woman’s Day Magazine, ABC, NBC Comcast, BBC, Real Estate Investment For Dummies, The New York Times.  Do you or your competition get those calls? Would you like to?  It simply won’t happen by following the same old routine!

Buyers Trust Real Estate & Investment is Now Open in Connecticut.  We are looking for exclusive buyer brokers and exclusive buyer agents around the world that are interested in taking the high road, delivering the best service possible and making more money to support their loved ones.

We will be launching the national relocation division in June of 2017.  If you are interested in participating or opening a Buyer’s Trust office please fill out the form below or

Call Steve Schappert, The Buyer Broker Right Now For An Interview 203-994-3950