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Blank Canvas – Metallic Wall Stripe – EP001 (Sneak Peek) – Connecticut

Published on Aug 8, 2014


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Steps for Project:
1. Allow base coat of wall to dry 24 hours
2. Determine the placement of your photos in relation to the size of your wall
Measure your wall and divide into increments depending on number of photos & their sizes
(Use a level to insure a straight & accurate line.)
3. Place center points at normal eye level
4. Determine the width of your band for photos to sit over it
5. Using a ruler and level, draw your band using a white charcoal pencil. (easy to erase if you make a mistake.)
6.Drill screws or hammer nails for photo placement. (Remember to find studs or use anchors to safely hold photography in place)
7. Tape off your stripe. Over lap in small sections pressing firmly. If painting stripes the same day, allow base coat to fully dry and I recommend using Scotch Blue Delicate Surface Tape
8. Using a 3-1 Ratio, Pour 3 parts paint (2 shades darker than your desired base color) and 1 part Sherwin Williams Faux Impressions Metallic. Stir
9. Using a 3″ flat or angled sash, cross-hatch the fully loaded brush onto the stripe area working your way to the tape lines. Remember to paint away and not into the tape lines
10. Re-apply a second coat if necessary
11. Remove tape while wet. Removing gently
12. Let dry
13. Hang photos

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